Monday, May 13, 2013

The Challenge...Dun Dun Duuuuuuuuhhhhh!!!!

Catchy title, right?

So this week, I've decided to introduce running back into my routine kind of in place of my workout goal. With this new plan, I will be playing soccer once a week and running three times a week. I've also decided to make a few tweaks to how I spend my evenings after work.

If you're like me, you wake up in the morning, have a healthy breakfast of instant oatmeal at work, have a relatively healthy lunch with co-workers, go home, sit on the couch/bed and watch television/DVR/Netflix and eat/eat/eat until bedtime. And since I've never been one to wake up at 5:30 in the morning to work out (except for that one time that I paid a bunch of money for this boot camp class at 6:30am three days a week), I've decided to pack workout clothes to bring to work. My thought is to change into my workout clothes before I leave my office so I either run around work, go home and run around home, or drive to my favorite running trail straight from work. In any case, I force myself to run before I get cozy on the couch.

Sounds brilliant, right? We'll see how it pans out this week.

Now why on God's green earth, you might ask, would I ever willingly run to work out? I'm not one of those girls who gets her "me time" when I run. I don't feel peaceful when I run. In fact, I usually have to pee about a half mile in, which is incredibly uncomfortable. No, I mostly run for the feeling I get AFTER I run (thank you, endorphins!). For me, running is all about routine. I go to the same trail, pass by the same mile markers, and listen to the same music playlist. Also, I have this awesome app on my phone which very effectively maps out a 14-week program designed to get me from couch to 10K running shape. It's super easy! I just wear my armband, put on my headphones and it tells me when to run, when to walk, and when I'm halfway done with my workout, that way I know when to turn around on my out-and-back trail. By the way, some people don't like out-and-back trails but the advantage to this kind of trail is your even tan! Or at least, your even burn in my case.

Another reason for me starting to run again is that I've signed myself up--and told people that I've signed up--for a 10K race in mid-August and I have 14 weeks to train. I think, once I really get back into my running routine, I may look into signing up for Weight Watchers as well. I've always either gotten a good handle on my eating or on my activity--one or the other but never both at the same time. So hopefully, I can gradually work toward both this time around.

Wish me luck! Pray that I don't re-injure my foot and have a fantastic week! (sorry, I think the endorphins from playing soccer tonight haven't fully worn off yet...)

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